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The Grass is Always Greener: Sod vs. Seed

If you've been debating whether you should be putting seed down to grow your lawn or opting for sod instead, here are some quick tips to consider:



  • Larger selection of species available (these are important for sun or shade, disease resistance, and soil type)

  • Lower upfront cost compared to sod


  • Timing: seed takes longer to germinate, and thrives best in September or spring time (however weed seeds spread faster this time of year too!)

  • Reseeding may be necessary due to wash outs from heavy rain or poor germination in some areas

  • Initial watering is critical to your lawn's success



  • "Instant lawn" that can be walked on soon after installation

  • May be planted anytime during the growing season as long as adequate water is available.

  • Mostly weed-free.


  • Higher initial cost.

  • Limited choice of species

  • Not produced in shaded environment.

  • Large volume of water needed during initial planting phase

  • If your sod is improperly installed, it can shrink and allow room for weeds to grow (another great reason to hire a PRO!)

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