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To Mulch, or Not To Mulch?

Are you trying to decide whether to use mulch or stone in your garden beds? Here are some helpful tips that cover what you need to consider before you choose. OttawaPROtip: There is more to it than just selecting the right aesthetic!



- Lower upfront cost

- Provides nutrient-dense compost for plants

- Soil retains more water under mulch, keeps watering costs down


- Must be re-applied annually (fades and decomposes)

- Retains moisture which can promote mold growth

- Not ideal near pools or where water can wash out your mulch



- Reduced maintenance, no re-application

- Great choice for pool areas (won't wash away or dirty your water!)

- Reduced fungal growth (not fungi food source like mulch)

- Plants thrive earlier in the season due to heat retention in the rocks

- Vast selection of colour and textures


- Higher upfront cost (clients often see this as an investment in longevity)

- Retains more heat than mulch, which can mean more plant watering


Still unsure which material is right for you? We're happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation - contact us today!

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